Friday, November 11, 2011


Go Time!
Numbers Don't Lie

I am so excited that August is starting out on a Monday, makes it even more clear that this is a month for completion. The second Monday of the month is my 32nd birthday which I am super excited about! My life's phases have occurred in multiples of 8 (0-8 y.o, 9-16 y.o, 17-24 y.o., 25-32 y.o), so it is the end of an era. I plan to retire when I am 40, so 32 has to be a good year to set me up for making my fortune in this next phase.

Making Moves

Since I decided that June 1, 2011 was the beginning of Muse's fiscal year, I have been progressing steadily and July was a great month. I am learning to trust myself more as a writer, which has led to some great writing. Seeing my progress helped me move myself to the next stage of the process which is securing an agent. Before doing the traditional mass mailing, I reached out to my friends whose agent seems like a great fit for me. That was on Friday. So now the ball is rolling and I will have my full proposal drafted by the end of the month.

If all goes as planned, my first official A-MusE-N radio show will broadcast on September 12th at 8pm on 1480 am in Washington, DC. I have been practicing my inaugural opening monologue and finding my groove as a radio personality. It has been a lot of work, but August will begin bootcamp style preparation. This show has to be amazing and there is potential now, but putting in the work will make it real!

Needless to say, I am beyond pumped! God has blessed me with a space to clear my head, practice and just take it all in, my writing is flowing and I am feeling no fear. I am so open to my journey and thoroughly convinced that it will unfold in more amazing ways than I could ever imagine. Stay tuned!

-The Muse (circa 7/2011)

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