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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We Got Next!

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Ok, so thanks to my good friends Chandra and Kimmi Chu, in 2009 I came out of the dark and into the light represented by our savior J-Hov. Jay-Z that is. (I really get a kick out of his use of the Jesus metaphors and how it gets under people's skin. But I digress.) Anyway, I fell in love with his writing on the Blueprint 3 and it really helped me get through my vision and start doing the work. So, when Watch the Throne dropped, I was eagerly anticipating the affect it would have on my hustle.

Since 2009 it has been obvious to me that something is shifting and a change is taking place that is reshaping the future of Black culture and identity. A new renaissance, what I call The Re(e)mergence. So when I heard Watch the Throne, I got really hyped because it brought out my competitive nature. My answer was Watch OUR Throne, and by "our" I meant my crew. Jay and 'Ye and Bey and O, Will and Jada, Lil Wayne, Nicky and the rest of their crew, Tyler the Creator and whoever else...they found their collectives and have taken center court. Well, as my good friend Tanekeya Word explains it, it's our time now. By "our" she means the artists, writers, and intellectuals. Just as the New Negro Movement, aka The Harlem Renaissance, marked the emergence of a Black literati; The Re(e)mergence marks our rebirth in futuristic form.

Taking the whole throne and court metaphor and running with it, I began to declare that my crew had next. Hence, the name We Got Next or "WGN". We are not only part of the renaissance taking place, I believe that we are at the helm. The leaders! My crew runs deep and we are all in training camp, preparing for the big game. Doing the necessary ground work, the conditioning, that will get us through our reaping season. 2012 has been a monumental year already and I have settled on my "Starting 8" who I believe are at their tipping point and ready for The Game. They all have their own crews and starters and I pride myself on being part of a few other all-star crews as well, but I am putting my money on WGN. Jay said that he "only spots a few Blacks" the higher he goes and "we gon' need a million more" and I answer with a pledge that over the next 8 years I am going to become a millionaire/mogul and take 8 people with me.

As I complete my tome and prepare for the work ahead, I am keeping my eye and my energy on the movement of my team members and I look forward to calling them out to the court one by one as we prepare for the takeover. In the meantime feel free to check their google stats:


-The Muse

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