Muse Spirit Guides

God - Thank you for your blessed favor.  I pray that my life reflects the light you so generously shine within me.  (acknowledged 8/8/1979)

Zora Neale Hurston - Thank you for opening me to the spirit world and sticking around to make me a better writer. (acknowledged circa 1/2010)

Sandra Gail Nickerson - Thank you for being understanding when I started this spiritual journey and crossing over to help me realize my vision. (acknowledged circa 1/2010)

Jessie Mae Richardson - Thank you for reminding me of my roots and crossing over to help me realize my vision. (acknowledged circa 2/2010)

Ray Hicks - Thank you for always making me feel like a brilliant young lady (and keeping me connected to your brilliant son, Jamon Hicks). (acknowledged circa 2/2010)

Mr. Bell (Larry Bell) - Thank you for bringing me and your daughter, my sensei, Kimmi Chu, closer together and constantly whispering in my ear: "don't take them on." (acknowledged 10/2010)

Joseph Remcho - Thank you for meeting me on the rooftop and reminding me to not be afraid to fly. (acknowledged circa 8/2011)

Richard Pryor - Thank you for visiting me in Jamaica and teaching me that the Art of storytelling lies in vulnerability. (acknowledged circa 9/2011)

Gwendolyn Brooks -Thank you for coming to remind me that I was not only born, but I was bred for this. (acknowledged circa 9/2011)

Professor Derrick Bell - Thank you for your undeniable charm and personality and showing me in a way only you could, that, lest I have any doubt, spirituality is real. And, yes, I am getting to work on that book. (acknowledged circa 10/2011)

Sekou (the writers) - Thank you staying with me for the past four years and finally revealing yourself so that I can take my place as a Harlem writer.  Sekou came through for the writers and we are grateful! (acknowledged circa 11/2011)

The Grandmas -  You all know who you are.  Liyah, Tanekeya, Farrah, Charlotte...thank you for crossing over to help them realize their visions and helping me help them tell their stories.  (acknowledged circa 9/2011)

Abu (Hanif Shabazz) - Thank you for bringing me my Harlem family.  I am so grateful!  I will do my part.  (acknowledged circa 7/2011)

Marvin Gaye - Thank you for helping me connect the pieces.  (acknowledged circa 12/2011)

The Harlem Grandfathers - Thank you for having the story to tell and connecting me to the Storytellers.  (acknowledged circa 12/2011)

Ruby and Roscoe Hughley - Thank you for sharing your wonderful daughter, Stacia, with my family and helping us with our mountaintop manifestations.  (acknowledged circa 12/2011)

Spirit of Motown - Thank you for inspiring the Muse CAA concept and making it clear that I am connected to greatness.  (acknowledged circa 12/2011)

Spirit of Hennessy - Thank you for helping me connect the pieces.  I guess they don't call it "spirits" for nothing.  (acknowledged circa 12/2011)

Johnnie Cochran -Thank you for paying me a little visit and reminding me of my own realization that it is not the profession, it is the mind. Between you and Ray, I know that Jamon is well guided and I promise to continue to do my part to help make his vision a reality.  (acknowledged 12/2011)

Mary Jane McLeod Bethune -Thank you for inspiring my inspiration.  You are my blueprint.  Networking is just working, who you are always shines through.  Thank you and Dorothy I. Heights for reminding me of my deep connection to your legacy, I love you and I am doing the work.  (acknowledged 12/2011)

Anna - Thank you for finally paying me a visit.  I love you and your family very deeply.  You all are so fly!  (acknowledged 1/2012)

Gertrude Stein - Thank you for finding ME and introducing me to the greatness that is YOU.  Your life path has forever informed mine and you have given me the strength to keep putting it all out there in support of the Storytellers. (acknowledged 1/2012)

Don Cornelius - Thank you for paying me a visit and giving me your blessing. You inspire me to leave a mark to let the world know that "I was here." (acknowledged 2/2012)

Mrs. Neely - Thank you for blessing my path with your wonderful spirit.  You taught me to love learning and organization by wrapping it in beauty.  From vintage lunch pails that held colorful markers and crayons, to notebooks with pretty covers and colored pages, beautiful workbooks...your legacy lives on through all the lives you and your husband touched.  (acknowledged 3/2012)

Sholem Aleichem -  Thank you for helping me connect the pieces. (acknowledged 5/2012)