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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Power of the Tongue

My good friend Stacia (my "St.Cia") always warns about the power of the tongue. Many times we unconsciously cause our own demise by the words we use. For example, though I love my daughter's nickname, Bear, I have to let it go because she has begun to bite and claw. My older daughter and I spent the first half of Bear's life calling her DI-VA at the top of our lungs and now the house has to be completely silent for her to sleep, she throws a little tantrum when told "no" and expects everyone to submit to her every whim (she also has an amazing vocal range and natural rhythm). The point of this post is not to throw Riley under the bus, as she is the sweetest and best child, but it is the perfect example of Stacia's lesson.

Well, this past December, we all spent the month in the mountain where St.Cia and I honed our manifestation powers in preparation for the harvest that we both felt coming. During that time, she was inspired to name the days of the week and can I tell you, it has been the best gift I have ever received. At first I just liked how they sounded, but this past Wednesday I realized that her inspiration was divine!

Manifesting Monday - I spend the day claiming and preparing for what I want

Trailblazing Tuesday - I spend the day doing the work to get what I want

Wow Wednesday - 24 hours later, my manifestation is realized

Thankful Thursday - I spend the day expressing and displaying my thanks for all that he has done

Favor Filled Friday - My gratefulness and obedience is rewarded with God's awesome favor

Supernatural Saturday - My faith in God and connection to my higher self helps me transcend space, time and logic in pursuit of my higher purpose

Spirit Filled Sunday - I am overcome by his spirit and I must scream, shout and dance

Then guess what happens next? I wake up and its Monday again! Time to manifest. It is a never-ending cycle and is right in line with God's wish for me to have whatever I want.

Instead of doing New Year's resolutions or posting about how resolutions don't work, on January 1st I posted the following FB status update:

Last year I kept getting: If you build it they will come. Now I'm getting: If you grow it, it will flourish. Remaining obedient in 2012 and expecting daily manifestations of God's favor.

Can I tell you that it has been 26 straight days of unimaginably powerful and unmistakably clear confirmations of God's satisfaction with his humble child and servant. And now I know that that never has to end. It is not about things going the way that I want them to go or getting lots of "stuff", but more opening my eyes to the fact that my vision is already realized and everyday just gets me closer to it being materialized.

So, in honor of Thankful Thursday, I am showing my gratitude by passing this awesome gift on and if even one person receives the power of the message, oh how powerful that will be!

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