The Muse

They say “there’s no us in me”
I Am the Us in Me.

The MusE

Daughter of Zeus,
A gift from the gods

God’s gift

Sent with orders from the Creator
Inspire the creatives
Keep the Motivators motivated
Innovators innovating

All while finding my Artist,
my special blend of Crazy

That which garners my many monikers:
Master Manifestor, Making Moves, Millionaire, Mother

Erykah Badu, Diana Ross, Angela Davis, Michael Jackson even
This wooly mane connects me to Greatness

Zora Neale Hurston, Sandra Gail Nickerson, Jessie Mae Richardson,
Thee Ray Hicks, my spirit guides soar

I am open to my journey
Blazing trails unimagined
Nothings unimaginable

In elementary we recited
“Believe in yourself to the depths of your being…”
FEAR is no match for this brand of MUSE

8/8/1979, Jay says “every day a star is born”
1/1/2009 baby wings sprout

Entreprehustler, Boss Lady, Needed a Damn Break
Had to trust my logical mind
Rita Divalicious the Spectacular and God’s Favorite
At the helm

Birthing RACs, got that out the way
2010 brought “The Blueprint 3”
to help me prepare for my ego wings

No worries
“My wings are made of coattails”
-words from The MusE

Flipping “The Other N Word”
Its mine and I’m giving it swagger
Loving it and keeping it

Putting it all out there,
Dragging LW-C along

a four-letter word
Breaks down to five
All of them have Use-
Allow letter reuse
And enter a MUSEUM
Of ideas
Both priceLess and worthLess
unLess packaged and sold

I AM The MusE
My Mother’s child, my father’s seed
A brand newly spawned
Born of THEIR issues
Into MY purpose

We pray you find my mind A-MusE-N (Amen).