Friday, November 11, 2011


Me and Fortune are Friends
Living on 11 9 on the 10th anniversary of 9 11
Feels familiar
My RACs are one 9 and two 11s
even 911 is 11
been experiencing the 11:11 phenomenon
found it on google

8th anniversary of my beautiful union
32nd year of my blessed birth
A-MusE-N launching 10/10 on 1480
writing about 408, my childhood home
a childhood began on 8/8
how you like them odds?

#1 hustler, aka Mom, arrives on the 7th
beach bound the 11th
Battery Park, NYC, 1 West St., 26th floor in '01
DC in 2004, 7 years gone
Harlem, NYC '11
7-11, 7-11

Liking my chances of seeing many more 9/11s
48 to be exact
10 revelations of 8.

-The Muse

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